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Citizen Request Tracker (CRT)

Helping You Quickly Manage Citizen Needs

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Citizen Request Management

With this module, citizens can submit trackable requests for civic assistance. The module serves as a conveniently-accessible, direct line of communication to local leaders. Site administrators can not only see requests; they can track them through to completion—helping to validate for the community that its local leaders respond to the needs of its citizens. No matter the request, the CRT module allows you to reinforce your administration’s accessibility and responsiveness.

Use the CRT to manage such citizen requests as:

  • Potholes/road issues
  • Malfunctioning streetlights
  • Animal control issues
  • Park maintenance
  • Transparency document requests
  • Utility bill inquiries
  • Website inquiries
  • Car seat inspections
  • Abandoned vehicle reports
  • Water problems
  • Tree maintenance
  • Utility maintenance


CTR My Account

My Account Feature

Through its integration with the My Account feature, citizens are also able to check on the status of items submitted via the CRT—allowing your civic website to serve as a trusted, secure, direct citizen communication channel.

Mobile Access

Understanding that citizens frequently realize the need to submit a request when out in the community, CivicPlus offers an integrated CRT mobile app. Available to citizens for free for Apple® and AndroidTM smartphones and tablets, the CRT app allows citizens to submit requests on the spot, as they see them. They can even take a photo of an issue or note it on an integrated mapping feature, to help expedite the request. The app integrates with your CRT database to ensure all requests are housed in a single, easily manageable repository.

CRT Image-1

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