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Manage Civic Engagement Activities

Plan and Promote Community Events

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Calendar Feature

Centralized Management

How many local events do you host in your community every month? How are you notifying your community about each event? How do citizens register? Who collects registration payments? If your answer to each question is, “It depends on the event and what department is planning it,” then you need a centralized calendar system that will streamline your event organization, promotion, and registration needs.


Calendar Feature

Community Engagement

Community events are some of the most important pieces of information your citizens are seeking on your civic website. Utilized by 96 percent of clients, the CivicEngage Calendar feature allows administrators to more easily and seamlessly manage digital community event calendars. The Calendar feature allows site administrators the ability to:

  • Post future events.
  • Create multiple department calendars so that individual departments can self-manage their digital content, and so that citizens can more quickly search event categories of interest.
  • Use Facilities for the controlled booking of community resource associated with calendar events.
  • Incorporate interactive maps that show staff and citizens the exact location of the event.
  • Display calendar events in list, mini-calendar, or strip format, based on preference.
  • Allow citizens to sign-up for notifications of events of interest using the Notify Me® communication subscription feature.
  • Allow citizens to directly add events to their personal GoogleTM or YahooTM email calendars, enhancing community engagement and event participation.

News Flash Feature

Keep Citizens Informed of Breaking News

Alert citizens when news breaks using the News Flash feature. Citizens turn to their civic leadership for important, and essential information in times of breaking news that impact the community, such as:

  • Election results
  • School budget votes
  • Potential minor road or traffic disruptions
  • Minor weather conditions
  • Evolving news stories with local impact
News Flash

News Flash
News Flash Feature

Immediate Subscription-Based Notifications

Forget reporting about a water main break the next day when the event has already happened and citizens have already been disrupted. Communicate breaking news immediately through a multi-channel approach to mitigate the risk that an event will negatively impact your community.

The News Flash feature allows administrators to temporarily post important information to the homepage, or other relevant site pages, without the need for custom programming or layout redesign. Supported by the Notify Me® feature, citizens can subscribe to receive notifications when News Flash items are posted, further amplifying the reach of important information.

FAQ Feature

Increase Self-Service with FAQs

How many times each week do you answer the same question multiple times for multiple citizens? If it’s more than once, it’s too many. Every community administrator receives frequently asked questions. Most of the time they surround processes, phone numbers, department hours, and document access—all types of questions that can be self-serviced by citizens with access to an intuitive and comprehensive online FAQ solution.


FAQ Feature

Follow Our Best Practices

As a best practice, every civic website needs an FAQ section, so we created an easy-to-use template based on our experiences building thousands of municipal websites. Our community sites have leveraged our convenient FAQ feature, which allows for the building, categorization, and maintenance of convenient, templated question and answer guides with no custom programming required. Your informative and intuitive FAQs will help citizens to serve their own needs and find answers to common inquiries, helping to reduce citizens calls and walk-ins, and allowing you to focus on other civic administration responsibilities. Like many other features, FAQ content is indexed within your website, and within search engines, making the content searchable for citizen convenience.

Common civic FAQs include such topics as:

  • Where is the Town Hall located?
  • Where is the Library?
  • Where do I pay my taxes?
  • How do I get a dog license?
  • Who are my elected officials?
  • How do I obtain a permit?

Quick Links Feature

Easy Access to Key Information with Quick Links

No one knows the needs and interests of your citizens the way that you do. What are the top five most common requests that your various departments receive via phone or walk-in? You can likely list them all from memory. The Quick Links feature will help citizens to self-service those requests moving forward by prominently displaying links to the most commonly requested information in a highly visible location on your civic website.

Use the Quick Links feature to easily create a designated area on your website where citizens can go to find direct links to the most commonly requested site areas, documents, and forms. Categorize topics by relevancy for ease of search. Three quarters of users leverage this feature to create easily accessible links to popular content, and as a result, experience reduced walk-ins and phone calls, helping you to maximize the workday. Popular quick link topics include:

  • Animal services
  • Financial reports
  • Utility services
  • Parks and recreation resources
  • Event calendars
  • Elected officials
  • Job postings
Quick Links

Staff Directory
Staff Directory Feature

Easy Access to Community Personnel

Ensure contact information for your administrative staff is easily accessible for citizens, and easy for your site administrators to maintain. If your office serves as the main hub to reroute callers or walk-ins who couldn’t find the direct phone number they needed, the Staff Directory can significantly help you to reduce the number of calls and requests you forward every day.

Our Staff Directory feature allows you to quickly and easily create new entries, or modify existing records. Organize staff by departments or divisions for ease of citizen or internal search functionality. Staff directory details may include:

  • Employee first and last name
  • Department
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address/building location

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