CivicPlus® and Civil Space

Amplify Your Digital Citizen Engagement and Inform Your Civil Initiatives


The Power of Civil Space

To help inform your decision-making and better engage citizens, CivicPlus integrates with the Civil Space public consultation platform. Civil Space’s unique engagement and collaboration solution enables local governments to efficiently and effectively educate citizens on current issues, and gauge public interest, sentiments, concerns, and excitement for the topics that will most impact their community from annual budgeting to development projects and everything in between.


Amplify Your Digital Citizen Engagement

Civil Space is a people-centric engagement platform built to help communities co-design better futures. It’s a hub for sharing community-driven ideas and for collaboration. Civil Space is designed to educate and provide context to issues, raise engagement levels, and harness the feedback that matters.


Civic Plus Partners with Civil Space

The stakes for local governments to build trust with citizens have never been higher. By integrating Civil Space’s engagement and collaboration solution into the CivicPlus® Platform, municipalities can more efficiently gauge public interest, sentiments, concerns, and excitement for projects of community impact.


Interested in Citizen Insights?

Learn more about the citizens insights you can unlock by integrating Civil Space into your CivicPlus solution.

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