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Powerful Integrations & Custom Programming

Tailoring Our Solutions to Your Needs

Learn More About the CivicPlus Platform


Your CivicPlus® platform offers a growing list of APIs and third party integrations, making your system customization possibilities limitless

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CivicPlus gives you the integrated platform to run your local government. We know that each municipality has unique needs, has built customized software solutions, and needs data integrations to bring the two together. We help you to converge your customizations under a single platform. CivicPlus offers solutions to help your government work better:

CivicEngage CivicReady CivicRec CivicHR

Find out more about our CivicPlus solutions

The CivicPlus Platform

As the integrated technology platform for local government, CivicPlus is built to service the needs of local government and integrate with the most common third-party systems civic administrations utilize today. Click the links below to learn more about our existing APIs, flexible data integration services, and our custom programming capabilities.

API (1)


Learn More

Data Integration

Data Integration

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Data Integration

Custom Programming

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An Application programming interface (API) is a set of routine definitions, protocols, and tools that allow for a software solution interface to interact with other sources or software elements. 

CivicPlus® offers integration via SOAP and REST APIs. Enabling communication between your CivicPlus software and third-party systems provides the flexibility to leverage the capabilities of both. This information exchange between systems maximizes productivity and efficiency, allowing you to do more with your available resources.   

Developer Tools

Developers can get more information on how to access our APIs by visiting the CivicPlus Help Center.



Integrated Software Solutions

CivicPlus® routinely integrates with other software to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our platform. Most integrations function as embedded tools, allowing you to seamlessly leverage the technology with no additional steps.


  • Mapping: ESRI, Google Maps (used in CivicEngage® Facilities and CRT modules)
  • Payments: Heartland – Bolletta payment software; Elavon - Converge payment software; PayPal payment software; Various other payment APIs (used in CivicEngage ePayment module)
  • Analytics: Piwik, Google Analytics
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Custom: HTML widget (allows code to be entered on your website for various purposes, e.g., weather)



  • Data Service: odata


  • Mapping: ESRI (geo-targeted mass notifications)
  • Communications: Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS) (leverages the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s nationwide communication channels in the event of an emergency)
  • CAD Systems
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter


  • Payments:, First Data, PayPal, and others
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
Data Integration

Custom Programming

Customized Solutions

Your community is unique, which means you need customized solutions to meet your civic engagement goals. That’s why CivicPlus offers custom integrations that can be completed on a case-by-case basis.  Contact a CivicPlus representative for more information. 

With custom programming, we aim to extend the functionality that already exists within our system.  When a client chooses a custom path, they bypass the ideation and enhancement process and bring the functionality to their system as part of their implementation process. 

Client Directed Custom Programming


Database Integration

Our developers can take an existing client database and integrate it into the CivicEngage® website, allowing users to benefit from the functionality of both systems.

Custom Form Display

Our developers can take an existing forms solution and create a custom display for users. See the examples below.


Background Screening Solutions

Our developers can adjust complex screening programs to seamlessly include criminal background checks, verifications, and drug screenings — all in a highly secure and compliant environment.

Payroll and ERP Integrations

Our developers can use data services, custom file layouts, or API integrations to connect personnel data to financial platforms, reducing time spent entering data manually and shortening lead times when creating and maintaining employee records.

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