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Electronic Payments for Government Made Easy

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Online Payment Transactions

Over 90 percent of CivicEngage® websites conduct online payment transactions. We offer multiple solutions for citizens to pay online.

CivicEngage offers numerous ways to connect to payment processors, allowing citizens to easily conduct transactions ranging from permits to parking tickets to utilities. 


  • Integrate Icon


    The ePayment Center module offers integrated solutions with the following vendors:

    • Heartland™ (Bolletta)
    • Elavon™ (Converge)
    • PayPal™
    • Custom Option using CivicEngage Generic Payment Gateway
  • Links Icon


    Allows users to link to over 60 payment processors in the payment industry.

    • Hyperlink or graphic link
    • Use our Form Center feature to submit to a custom payment page
    • Redirects payer to CivicPlus® website once the user has paid
    • iFrame to payment processor site


PCI Compliance

With each of these solutions, transactions happen outside of the CivicEngage system, ensuring full PCI compliance. The payment processor used for transactions is dependent upon the municipality’s wants and needs, with every effort made to ensure a clean, seamless presentation of the payment portal. 

This linked solution means citizens can submit a request, such as a reservation, or request a service such as a utility connection, and submit payment electronically, all in one transaction, eliminating the need for a multi-step workflow and multiple follow-ups for staff members.

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