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Government CMS

Function-specific Features for Government Departments

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Forms Feature

Receive Data Submissions from Citizens

Your civic website should stimulate two-way communications with your citizens. Our Forms module allows you to receive countless varieties of data submissions from citizens such as:

  • General inquiries
  • Permit registrations
  • Citizen surveys
  • Program registrations
  • Board applications

Online forms mean less paper, and fewer walk-ins, which save your administrative staff time, not to mention filing space. Imagine eliminating a significant portion of the papers that cross your desk and the phone calls you triage every day.

Forms Image 1

Forms image 2
Forms Feature

Get Notifications

The Forms module is easy to use, allowing any non-technical site administrator the ability to create a customized, interactive online form. By utilizing Forms in tandem with our ePayment module, citizens can even pay for associated expenses in a single, secure online transaction. Forms can be built to send submission notifications to responsible administrators, helping to speed response times and increase citizen satisfaction.

Forms Feature

Simple Integration

For municipalities that are already utilizing a third-party form application, your CivicEngage website can integrate with your existing form application. This can be accomplished with CivicEngage’s open API—a publicly available application programming interface that provides developers with access to the CivicEngage CMS’s technical code to integrate third party applications and make further customizations. If you do not have a technical resource on staff to integrate your existing form into your CivicEngage website using our open API, contact your CivicEngage account executive for assistance and alternative options.


Job Posting
Job Postings Feature

Online Convenience

If you’re not using online job postings today, your paper-based application process is likely limiting your candidate pool. Without online job postings, citizens who want to complete or hand in their applications in person must travel to your office during business hours. For many, that could mean the inconvenience of taking time off from their current job. For others, it could mean passing on the opportunity all together. 

Find talented and qualified employees to join your administrative team by quickly and easily posting open job positions to your civic website using the Job Postings feature—no IT support needed. To expedite the job posting process, start with one of our basic job descriptions, and customize it to meet the needs of your community. Then, utilize one of the predefined standard online applications, or choose to customize your own.

Job Postings Feature

Easy to Use

The Job Posting feature allows citizens to access information about job openings and how to apply, and easily download and submit an application along with a resume to the appropriate hiring manger, all from an easy-to-navigate online interface. Citizens can even search for available positions by category, such as:

  • General administrative employment
  • Police/sheriff department
  • Fire department
  • Parks and recreation
Job Posting

Job Posting
Job Postings Feature

Subscription-Based Notifications

Submitted applications are immediately available for review by hiring managers, expediting the hiring process, and minimizing detrimental gaps in staffing. The Job Postings feature is also fully supported by our Notify Me® communication subscription tool, allowing interested citizens to subscribe to alert notifications when relevant job openings are posted. Communities that choose to integrate their Job Posting feature with CivicSend® are also able to send notifications to social media channels, further amplifying the reach of their recruitment efforts.

Facilites Feature

Convenient Citizen Reservations

The Facilities feature provides a dynamic way to display information to citizens on any type of community reservation listing, such as:

  • Public parks
  • Hiking trails
  • Ski/snow mobile trails
  • Park pavilions
  • Public pools
  • Public buildings
  • Town hall meeting rooms
  • Library conference rooms

Facilities Feature

Easy to Use

This feature’s intuitive interface allows citizens to find facilities available for reservation through an interactive map by searching by name, or by browsing a list of available facilities listed on the Facilities page.

This Facilities feature also allows for streamlined civic resource management. Allow administrative staff and citizens to reserve community resources through a single platform. The Facilities feature eliminates the risk of booking conflicts, limits paperwork, and reduces reservation phone calls and walk-ins. By connecting to our Forms, ePayment, and Document Center features and modules, Facilities is an end-to-end solution for administrator and citizen facility resource management.

Facilities Feature

Streamlined Workflows

With Facilities, all verifications and administrative tasks associated with local resource reservations are completed online without the need of manual maintenance. A citizen can go online to search for facilities in the community, verify availability and that there are no conflicts, and submit payment. Your staff always has access to view reservations though the system, but you’ll no longer need to spend time answering calls, describing facility resources, and chasing down payments.


Activities Feature

Easy-to-Navigate Activities

The Activities feature allows individual departments to build and post easy-to-navigate lists of available community activities, events, and classes. Citizens can conveniently review and register for open activities online. For the streamlined management of coordinating event logistics, administrators can customize registration forms, manage attendee lists, automate waiting lists, and submit payments via the ePayment module.

To further ensure all planning logistics are completed, administrators can add an event to any community calendar, and link an activity to a specific facility, so citizens know at exactly which park this year’s Strawberry Festival will take place, and can even view the location on a map.

Activities Feature

Comprehensive Community Management

From soccer league sign-ups to book club registrations to blood-drive appointments, the CivicEngage Activities feature helps clients manage all their community activities. This comprehensive tool allows clients to: 

  • List all activities in the community, educating citizens about available opportunities.
  • Allow citizens to register in advance.
  • Accept registration fee payments from citizens by integrating with the ePayment module.
  • Allow citizens to search for activities of interest based on a wide variety of search factors, ensuring they will find engaging activities available in your community.
  • Link an activity to a specific facility using the Facilities feature.

If your current workflows require you to publicize community activities, collect registrations, and manage payment transactions via multiple systems, the Activities feature will streamline all the activity scheduling logistics using a single interface—saving you time and effort when coordinating each event.


Bid Posting
Bid Postings Feature

Streamlined Procurement Management

Public access to municipal bids and requests for proposal is critical. With the Bid Postings feature, posting bid documentation online is quick and easy. How does your procurement department manage bids today? Do you utilize an external, third party system with a confusing interface and slow upload speed? With the CivicEngage Bid Postings feature, you can manage bids for all departments using an intuitive interface that is fully integrated with your CMS. No separate systems or workflows required.

Use the integrated Bid Postings feature to aggregate documentation, outline bid details, and publish searchable and downloadable content to ensure your administration receives viable, qualified bid responses. The Bid Postings feature is fully integrated with the Notify Me communication subscription tool to allow local service providers to sign-up to be notified when new bids are available.

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