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Government Document Management

A Single Home for All Your Civic Documents

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Document Center Feature

Document Transparency

Our most popular feature, used by 97 percent of clients, the Document Center serves as a convenient, integrated repository for civic documents, forms, and other files that administrative staff and citizens need to access.

The Document Center works with CivicEngage’s other key features and modules, allowing site administrators to link from Calendar entries, Blog posts, FAQs, and other site areas to relevant documents without the hassle of individual file uploads or version control.

Document Center

Domument Manager New Image
Document Center Feature

Streamlined Document Management

How are your clerks and administrators managing documents today? Do they follow a complex filing system that only they know how to use? Do they have back-ups saved in multiple places to ensure various departments have access to the same files? Is the organizing clerk the only person in the entire administration who knows where to locate important materials? Document Center from CivicEngage eliminates all these access and transparency issues by providing you with an intuitive, and interconnected document storage and sharing solution.

Document Center Feature

Document Management

Document managers can even convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF format using the feature’s built-in PDF converter, saving further time, effort, and file storage. The Document Center is part of CivicEngage’s suite of document management features, which includes the Agenda Center and Archive Center.

Use the Document Center to share such files as:

  • Financial documents and budgets
  • Community vendor applications
  • Community resource descriptions
  • Policy documents
  • Zoning maps
  • License applications
  • Building permits
  • Utility service forms
  • Any other documents of value to your citizens
Document Center

Agenda Center
Agenda Center Feature

Create and Share Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Agenda Center allows key stakeholders to collaborate on meeting agendas and then publish final documentation online for public record using one simple and streamlined system. 

The inspiration for our Agenda Center came from feedback we received from clerks and administrators who were spending countless hours gathering agenda items from key stakeholders, updating documents, saving copies in multiple places, and then trying to aggregate corresponding reference documents when distributing meeting minutes. To alleviate the amount of time administrators spend managing documents and worrying about version control, our Agenda Center streamlines document management, improves internal communications, and enables transparency compliance.

Agenda Center Feature

A Single Solution

With the Agenda Center, clerks and communication managers can create, disseminate, publish, and archive public meeting information using a single system. Use the Agenda Center to:

  • Create pre-defined agenda and minute meeting templates for consistent formatting and easy updating.
  • Establish workflows and audit trails where stakeholders can submit agenda items for final approval by the meeting organizer.
  • Link to supporting content directly in the agenda and meeting minute document for convenient reference without extra steps or additional document management.
  • Immediately publish agendas and minutes online for citizen access in multiple formats.
  • Allow citizens to search for published agendas by date, phrase, or category.
  • Incorporate media, such as a recorded video, of the associated meeting.

Agenda Center is part of CivicEngage’s suite of document management features, which includes the Archive and Document Center.

Agenda Center Mobile

Archive Center
Archive Center Feature

Document Retention

Store all documents that must be retained and accessible to citizens to comply with government regulations using a single interface that seamlessly integrates with your civic website. The Archive Center makes reports, budgets, newsletters, and other public records, conveniently sortable, searchable, and accessible by civic administrators and citizens—all within one easy-to-manage system. Documents can be sorted and searched by:

  • Date
  • Period of time
  • Category
  • Keyword

Archive Center Feature

Document Transparency

With Archive Center, if a citizen calls your office and requests to see the latest community budget, you can easily instruct the citizen how to access the document online and on-demand, along with the past several years’ budgets. By enabling your administration to meet transparency requirements, you foster a sense of trust among citizens, which improves community engagement. 

The Archive Center feature is part of CivicEngage’s suite of document management features, which includes the Agenda Center and Document Center.

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