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Job Posting

Streamlining Civic Applications

Online Convenience

If you’re not using online job postings today, your paper-based application process is likely limiting your candidate pool. Without online job postings, citizens who want to complete or hand in their applications in person must travel to your office during business hours. For many, that could mean the inconvenience of taking time off from their current job. For others, it could mean passing on the opportunity all together. 

Find talented and qualified employees to join your administrative team by quickly and easily posting open job positions to your civic website using the Job Postings feature—no IT support needed. To expedite the job posting process, start with one of our basic job descriptions, and customize it to meet the needs of your community. Then, utilize one of the predefined standard online applications, or choose to customize your own.

Job Posting

Job Posting

Easy to Use

The Job Posting feature allows citizens to access information about job openings and how to apply, and easily download and submit an application along with a resume to the appropriate hiring manger, all from an easy-to-navigate online interface. Citizens can even search for available positions by category, such as:

  • General administrative employment
  • Police/sheriff department
  • Fire department
  • Parks and recreation

Subscription-Based Notifications

Submitted applications are immediately available for review by hiring managers, expediting the hiring process, and minimizing detrimental gaps in staffing. The Job Postings feature is also fully supported by our Notify Me® communication subscription tool, allowing interested citizens to subscribe to alert notifications when relevant job openings are posted. Communities that choose to integrate their Job Posting feature with CivicSend® are also able to send notifications to social media channels, further amplifying the reach of their recruitment efforts.

Job Posting

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