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CivicEngage® Mobile

The Local Government App That Puts Your Website in Your Citizens’ Hands

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It is Native, Affordable, and Fully-Branded to the Municipality

  • Supports Android and Apple® smartphone and tablets
  • Provides access to any modules available on their website in an on-the-go package
  • Visually rich with custom graphics for the client
  • Premium icons are supported and allow for a great deal of flexibility in the presentation
  • Clients can determine the order of solutions offered in their app
  • Automated updates to citizen phones
  • Apps are completely free to citizens with absolutely no ads


Connect Everywhere

Keep your citizens informed instantly with push notifications. Content and alerts can be scheduled for automatic delivery, freeing up your team for more pressing tasks.


Simplified User Experience

Responsive design allows you to share your entire website with everyone. Mobile, allows you provide specific content, that truly matters most to your on-the-go citizens in a highly visible and easily accessible format.


Easy to Use

With seamless integration, the Mobile app puts the power of your CivicEngage website conveniently in the palm of your citizens’ hands. Updates to your site’s content are automatically synced to the app in real-time.


Neighbors Using Mobile

See Mobile in action. Test drive some apps for free to see what it can do for your community.

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