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Ongoing Training & Consulting

Ensuring Your Website Evolves with Your Community

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Expert Resources

We believe continual education allows for constant evolution. To help ensure your web presence is constantly evolving, we offer a variety of tools and resources that will help support your citizen engagement goals:

Customized On-site or Virtual Training

Our initial post-implementation training is offered to administrators and content contributors. Every training session is tailored to meet the needs of your staff and your community. Our training experts ensure every session is customized to fit the needs of the people in the class—what their roles are, and the services they offer residents and visitors. We’ll teach you how to maintain your CivicEngage® website in a way that reduces your day-to-day work and keeps your content aligned with best practices so citizens can self-service their needs.


Training Videos

We help you and your staff continue to evolve your skillset with our engaging training videos.

Educational Webinars

Great for refresher training and expanding your skill set. Our educational webinar series routinely offers basic training on our platform’s features and functionality. In addition, we offer regular classes for system administrators that focus on intranet set-up, and design essentials to ensure you are fully leveraging the potential of our powerful platform.


Panama City Consulting

Expert Consulting

We understand that no two communities are alike. That’s why we provide our CivicAdvise consulting program to communities that can benefit from our over 20-years of experience, and expert civic website design guidance. Our experts will work with you to understand your community’s brand, your goals, your civic engagement needs, and build a plan to leverage the solutions within our CivicPlus® platform to help you meet those goals.

Our team of experts has worked with over 2,500 communities like yours. They have the local government knowledge and expertise to help you with:

  • Data-driven design
  • Intuitive usability
  • Award-winning digital transformations
  • Flexible online services that reduce walk-ins and phone calls

Your Strategic Partner

Implementing an enterprise-wide software solution like a website is a huge undertaking. Not only do organizations spend a large amount of their budget on software, stakes are high because a website touches every department in an organization.

When done right, a website transition can be managed well to get the maximum amount of utility out of the software, as quickly as possible. Time-consuming processes currently handled with manual workflows can be integrated into, or alleviated by, our robust software solutions, saving your staff time and effort daily.

Stale content can be updated and a plan put into place to keep it fresh. A navigation structure can be thoughtfully designed to get citizen end-users the information they need with as few clicks as possible.

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CivicAdvise Will Help You

Stockholder goals

Align stakeholder goals as a first step in your website implementation process

Citizen  - Copy

Better understand citizen end-users' informational needs

Examine Software - Copy

Critically examine, adapt, and optimize internal processes

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