Webinar Series: Governing Through Crisis

Part VI: Why Digital Accessibility is Critical During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Reaching most citizens with crucial COVID-19 updates, instructions, and safety instructions is not good enough. Your administration’s message needs to reach every single member of your community, including the one-in-five living with a disability. With the foundation of your COVID-19 communication strategy being digital, now is the time to assess your Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance and ensure your critical updates are reaching every citizen in a consumable manner.

Join Don Torrez, CivicPlus Partner Manager for Accessibility Solutions, for Part VI of our Governing Through Crisis Series. Don will discuss strategy for embedding accessibility best practices into your emergency response communications and share how to automate critical compliance actions to expedite your message distribution.

For resources, information, and education about COVID-19, visit our crisis management portal.

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Your Host: Don Torrez

At CivicPlus, Don Torrez has worked with more than 150 local governments to better understand web accessibility and how to best comply with law and guidelines.  

Don is a Certified Accessibility Coordinator with the ADA and has produced webinars and white papers in the US and Australia.  

He has written training curriculum on Web Accessibility and speaks out for greater awareness in electronic disability issues.  His vision is to remove the fear and confusion from this issue.