National Disability Independence Day

A Celebration and Discussion of ADA Laws and Their Effects on Web Development

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26, 1990, to recognize and protect the civil rights of those people with disabilities and to guarantee they have the same opportunities to participate in American life as everyone else. As the years have passed and evolutions in technology have made leaps and bounds, the ADA is more important now than ever before because so many people rely on their governments for public services.

In this recording, our accessibility expert, Angie Brunk, discusses her own experience in navigating government websites as a sight impaired UX designer, best practices for accessible government website design and functions, and what is on the horizon for ADA compliance.

About Our Guest: Angie Brunk, MLS, MA

Angie Brunk_imageAngie is an experienced public service librarian and recently completed an MAS in Human Factors and Usability testing (think user experience design) specializing in accessibility. She has taught basic graphic design courses for communications majors and incorporated basic graphic design into her practice as a librarian. Ms. Brunk has published conference proceedings and presentations on various aspects of accessibility and libraries. Her recent presentations include:

  • A poster and a short paper for the Cambridge Workshop on Universal Access and Assistive Technology
  • Presentation on accessible and inclusive design for library marketing at Library Marketing and Communications
  • An article on Accessible and Inclusive Design for the Marketing Library Services newsletter
  • A book chapter on gamification and accessibility in an anthology published by the Association of College and Research Libraries

Other recent projects include accessibility audits for a library software vendor and a museum. In addition to being born with a visual impairment, she has served on disability services advisory boards at three universities and worked with numerous students with disabilities.



Your Host: Don Torrez

As a CivicPlus Accessibility Partner Manager, Don has worked with 150 local governments to improve web accessibility and learn how to best comply with law and guidelines. He is a Certified Accessibility Coordinator with the national ADA organization and has produced webinars and white papers in the U.S. and Australia. He has written training curriculum on Web Accessibility and speaks out for greater awareness in electronic disability issues. His vision is to remove the fear and confusion from this issue.