Fire and Life Safety Inspection Software

Conduct and Schedule Inspections Across Your Organization, Generate Inspection Failure Notices, and Track Court Appearances

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Clear and Transparent Communication Through Robust Functionality

Cite Code Violations

Reference local municipal or zoning, state, and national code repositories.


Manage Properties, Buildings, and Occupants

Populate the system with tax parcels, buildings, and suites and track projects related to the properties, property owners, contractors, business owners, and occupants.


Create, Generate, Collect

Utilize built-in tools to create the necessary types of resources that will allow municipalities to increase revenue and operate more efficiently, while generating goodwill with your residents.

Create Digital Checklists

Customize checklists based on inspection type and sub-type.

Generate Certificates and Letters

Standardized templates are provided.

Generate Reports

Create CSV, PDF, or HTML reports.

Collect Inspection Fees

Assign fees, generate invoices, and process payments.




Schedule and conduct one-time and recurring fire and safety inspections.


GIS Viewer

Visualize your projects on a map by viewing GIS-enabled pinned locations.


Case Management

Enable end-to-end review and approval of applications, inspections, checklists, and financial reviews.

Integrate Seamlessly

Avoid roadblocks our integrable permitting, business license, code enforcement, and planning and zoning modules, as well as:

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