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Hire the Right People

Applicant Tracking Software

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Our easy-to-use applicant tracking software (ATS) solution helps local government human resource managers to more efficiently receive, screen, track, and hire job candidates, while effectively communicating and collaborating with hiring departments. By automating aspects of the documentation, application routing, candidate communication, and job posting processes, human resource departments of any size can fill open positions faster, and with highly qualified candidates.

CivicHR Applicant Tracking Software Helps Municipalities


Attract the
Best Talent

Attract more qualified candidates for each open position through integration with social media and multiple third party employment websites. Our integrated solution allows you to post each position to multiple channels in a single step.


Increase Efficiency
and Collaboration

Proactively identify qualified talent by searching profiles of previous candidates and encouraging their new application using the invite-to-apply tool. Fill positions faster with interdepartmental workflows that pre-identify candidates that meet baseline criteria.


Stay in Compliance and
Keep Data Secure

Meet Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements for record retention. Avoid lawsuits by preventing discriminatory behavior and ensuring consistency in HR practices.

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Key Time Savings Features

  • Create Job Requisitions –To help departments communicate their hiring needs and stay rightsized, use CivicHR's ATS software to create and manage job requisitions. Track the status of each requisition from creation, to review, to approval, to submission and posting.
  • Job Description Management and Integration – Create job postings in less than a minute by starting with one of our templated job profiles designed specifically for local government. Write and manage job descriptions from a single system that integrates with your employee performance management solution. This integration ensures employees are continually evaluated against the exact criteria for which they were hired.
  • Create Job Applications – Simplify your application process by creating standard application versions based on department, title, or any other criteria, eliminating version control issues.
  • Build Custom Applicant Measurement Criteria – The criteria you set will be used to pre- screen applications, saving you the time and effort of manually reviewing the submissions of applicants who are not qualified.
  • Application Keyword Searches – Search for specific qualifications, experiences, or traits among applicants by keyword. This feature saves you time by eliminating the need to review dozens of received resumes to confirm qualifications. You can even search previously submitted applications, expanding your candidate pool to include passive job seekers.
  • Automated Pre-Screening of Required Qualifications – Civic employment opportunities attract a wide variety of applicants looking for civil service employment. Our applicant tracking software automate the first, time consuming step in the process of screening initial application submissions to ensure baseline qualifications are met.
  • Job Sourcing – To better manage future open positions, learn where applicants are finding out about positions using the job sourcing channel feature.
  • Custom Candidate Assessment Criteria – You know what you want in a new hire, because you know the skills and talents of your most valuable employees. Create job criteria based on competencies you’ve identified in your top employees. The applicant tracking system will then search for candidates that exhibit those identified qualities.
  • Interview Schedules – Track candidate interview schedules within CivicHR for consistent interdepartmental communications and process management.
  • Candidate Scoring – Add an objective assessment to your workflows with candidate scoring. CivicHR helps make scoring an actionable evaluation step by allowing administrators to establish basic minimum qualifications (BMQ). Candidates that the system determines do not meet BMQs may be excluded from advancement in the hiring process.
  • Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Processes with Detailed Reporting – Improve your talent acquisition processes based on quantitative and qualitative hiring data. CivicHR’s full reporting framework allows you to analyze candidate sourcing, identify candidates by status type, job description, and career portal metrics. CivicHR also enables Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO-1) compliance reports to ensure you are meeting federal requirements.
  • Candidate Communications –Improve your candidate communications using an automated outreach process. Craft predetermined email communications that are automatically sent when a candidate’s status changes. For example, if a candidate will not be scheduled for an interview, the system will be triggered to send them your pre-written, email. Automated communications save you time while eliminating individual candidate email and phone inquiries as to their application status.
  • Administrator User Rights – To ensure department managers have access to only the necessary employee and candidate files they need, CivicHR offers permissions-based user rights

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