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Streamline Your Process

Employee Onboarding Software

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CivicHR’s employee onboarding solution is a cloud-based new hire documentation and communication platform that streamlines your workflows for new employee transitions and enables new hires to more quickly assimilate into their positions and their departments. With effective onboarding, new employees become impactful team players faster, improving overall team production and success.

CivicHR Employee Onboarding Software Helps Municipalities


Eliminate Stacks of Paper

Create, distribute, and collect all necessary new employee forms, such as payroll forms, compliance documents, and internal policy forms electronically.


Automate the Onboarding Process

Manage training plans by department and role, eliminating the need for managers to re- create training programs for each or your new hires.


Gather Feedback

Create and distribute surveys to gather feedback from new hires that can help you inform and improve the talent acquisition and employee onboarding processes in the future.

What Types of Forms Can Be Automated With Our Solution?

  • Federal tax forms (W-4, I-9)
  • State and local tax forms
  • Direct deposit authorization
  • Handbook and policy authorizations
  • Benefit enrollment information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Security and network access

Get Started With CivicHR

Key Time Saving Features

  • Employee Onboarding Portal – Our integrated, government-branded employee portal allows new employees to access forms, videos, health and dental insurance information, policy manuals, facility maps, organization charts, and other essential new hire forms and onboarding procedure documents all from a single, convenient location. Our online portal reduces paper and automates manual onboarding steps to free up your human resource administrators and department managers for other projects and tasks.
  • Form Automation – Expedite new employee form completion and store forms in a single, integrated system. Use our online W-4 and I-9 forms to automate data gathering for these critical new hire requirements before the employee’s first day on the job. You can even use customizable forms for automatic payroll deposits, benefit enrollment, employee personal information, or emergency contacts.
  • New Hire Onboarding Surveys – Survey your new employees for actionable feedback on their first day, first week, or first month. Our surveys make it easy to add this important data gathering step into your onboarding process without requiring continual manual intervention.
  • Custom Onboarding Plans – Create custom onboarding plans for both new hires and internally promoted employees using our online tools. Start with one of our job-specific templates that is aligned with the title or department to which you are hiring. Then tailor it as needed to quickly publish and promote the relevant packet for each employee. Detailed onboarding plans help ensure manager and employee expectations are met and new hires can acclimate quickly, increasing job satisfaction, and improving performance.

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