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Optimize Your Human Resource Process

White Papers. eBooks. Tools.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

  • White Paper: How to Recruit Millennials for Local Government Employment
  • White Paper: Streamline Talent Recruitment While Keeping Applicant Data Secure
  • eBook: Is Your Local Government Prepared for the Silver Tsunami?
  • eBook: How To Recruit Local Government Employees in the Digital Age
  • Fact Sheet: Turn Your Job Descriptions Into Performance Profiles
  • Fact Sheet: 4 Reasons Government HR Professionals are Using Applicant Tracking Software
  • Webinar:Hiring for Success: The Impact of a Quality Recruitment Strategy
  • Webinar Series:The Silver Tsunami is Coming. Will Your Hiring Strategy Sink of Swim?

Employee Orientation

  • Webinar: The Reasons Your Onboarding Process Makes or Breaks Employee Performance
  • eBook: How Proper Onboarding Can Significantly Improve Retention
  • New Rules of Engagement: Improve Employee Onboarding and Success

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

  • Culture Matters for Employee Retention in Government Human Resources

Employee Performance

  • eBook: Learn Why Continuous Performance Management are the Future of Employee  Development
  • Three Tips to Effective Local Government Performance Reviews
  • Why Your Performance Reviews are Busted (Hint: It’s Not the Process)
  • Webinar: Progressive Discipline: A 4-Step Approach

Our Latest Human Resources Blog Posts

Learn How to Streamline Your Talent Recruitment  While Keeping Applicant Data Secure

Download our white paper

Learn How to Recruit Millennials for Local Government Employment

Download our white paper

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