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HR Consulting Expertise for Local Government

HR Professional Services

Learn How to Implement an HR Software Solution

Our professional services will not only help make sure the CivicHR modules are fully optimized, it also ensures that you will achieve your vision of hiring better candidates, building employee engagement and driving employee performance. 

Hiring top talent is not the same as getting requisitions filled. Governments can’t operate on a daily basis without the help of great people that are dedicated to doing things right and making things better. Local governments are continuously being asked to do more with less and need talented people to help create solutions.

Our expert consultants will help you begin to target top performer candidates, configure your system and provide your staff with training on the system as well as your new streamlined hiring processes.

Hiring Process Review and Alignment

Streamline the hiring process, and quickly find and select the best candidates.

  • Job Description Analysis
  • Attracting Top Performers
  • Improved Sourcing Channels
  • Performance Profile Based Hiring Methods
  • Hiring Process Definition
  • Workflow Efficiency

Employee Onboarding Process Review and Alignment

Ensure new employees become impactful team players faster, improving overall team production and success.

  • New Hire Engagement & Retention
  • Streamlining Orientation and Reducing Paperwork
  • Workflow Efficiency

Performance Management Process Review and Alignment

Improve job satisfaction and retention with an appraisal system that links individual objectives to community goals

  • Evaluation Criteria Review
  • Performance Profile Training
  • Implementation
Module Optimization

Module Optimization

We can help you configure your system and provide your staff with training on the system as well as your new streamlined hiring processes.

  • Jobs Manager – Descriptions, Performance
  • Profiles and Performance Metrics
  • Hiring Manager Configuration
  • Candidate Routing
  • Efficient Workflow
  • Customization
  • Job Specific Assessments
  • Listings and Social Media Integration

User Training

Every training session is tailored to meet the needs of your staff. Our training experts ensure every session is customized to fit the needs of the people in the class and what their roles.

  • Performance Based Hiring Practices
  • Hiring Manager Processes
  • System User Training
  • Admin and Support Training

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