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Employee Management Software for Local Government

Recruit Easier. Hire Faster. Engage Better. 

Get Access to the Ultimate Hiring Toolbox

CivicHR® is the easiest-to-use local government human resource management solution. CivicHR offers a flexible, comprehensive, and integrated cloud-based solution that allows human resource managers to recruit, identify, and hire talent, onboard new employees, and assess employee performance, as they move from job seeker, to new hire, to employee. It streamlines the hiring process, improves engagement, and manages employee data in a centralized, secure system. Our CivicHR solution has been designed to specifically enable local governments to:

  • Meet the compliance requirements of public entities
  • Manage high volumes of job applications
  • Mitigate per-hire costs
  • Customize applications by department
  • Monitor job performance with quantifiable metrics
  • Meet record retention requirements

Why CivicHR

CivicHR is part of CivicPlus, the integrated technology platform for local government, that focuses on community engagement. Today, CivicPlus has more than 200 staff members and continues to implement new technologies and services to maintain the highest standards of excellence and efficiency for our more than 2,500 clients and over 60,000 users.

Our commitment to setting the standard in website design, talent management, emergency communications, and recreation management is what pushes our product innovation teams, ensuring our solutions evolve as the needs of local government evolves.

CivicHR has the experience and expertise to help any administration, whether in a community of one thousand or one million, to simplify the human resource processes associated with hiring, recruiting, and retaining the highest quality civic employees.



We offer live, 24-7, responsive support tailored specifically to your organization.


Seamless Implementation & Integration

Our experts walk you through every aspect of the implementation process.



We offer virtual training to fit your needs, and solution documentation for all your users

What Our Clients are Saying...

Before, we would give our Sheriff’s Department a pile of paperwork with every applicant, regardless of whether the applicant was qualified. Now, only qualified candidates are passed on to the Sheriff’s Department. It has significantly cut down on the number of documentation being reviewed for each applicant, making the screening process much easier for everyone.

Spartanburg County SC

Tony Bell

Director of HR
Spartanburg County, SC

The implementation was very seamless. There was no question I asked that my implementation manager couldn’t answer. I was never frustrated with CivicHR like I was with the previous system. I gave my CivicHR implementation team all the information they asked for in a spreadsheet and they integrated it into the system so I didn’t have to.

Marble Falls TX

Angel Alvarado

HR Director
Marble Falls, TX

I can’t speak highly enough about the whole tool. Thanks to CivicHR, we are definitely identifying more qualified talent. Ultimately, it means the hiring of more talented employees who are best suited to help us meet our goals of continuing to make Spartanburg County a great place to live and work.

Spartanburg County SC

Lisa Hart

Assistant Director of HR
Spartanburg County, SC

Hire the Right People

Streamline the hiring process, and quickly find and select the best candidates.

  • Standardize your hiring process with easy-to-use templates.
  • Hire faster with standardized metrics and access to a searchable database of all applicants.
  • Track, manage and reduce your cost-per-hire.
Learn more about Applicant Tracking Software

Streamline Onboarding

Ensure new employees become impactful team players faster, improving overall team production and success.

  • Ensure EEOC, FLSA, USCIS and local regulatory compliance
  • Reduce paper with unlimited secure storage.
  • Facilitate compliance with policies, procedures and reduce risk of litigation.

Learn more about Employee Onboarding

Motivate Achievement and Measure Engagement

CivicEngage streamlines the process so your municipality can easily communicate information to citizens.

  • Improve job satisfaction, retention and productivity.
  • Promote communication between managers and staff.
  • Streamline paperwork and orientations.

Learn more about Performance Management


Get in Touch

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