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Motivate Achievement and Measure Engagement

Performance Management Software

Download our Fact Sheet to Turn Your Job Descriptions into Performance Profiles

CivicHR’s performance management solution is a cloud-based employee evaluation platform that allows managers to track the performance of employees throughout the year, which means no surprises for managers or employees when it comes time for annual performance reviews.

Our Performance Management Solution Allows You To:


Reduce Paper

Complete annual formal performance reviews digitally, streamlining processes and eliminating paperwork.


Track Progress

Track skill development goals to enable job growth and satisfaction. Allow supervisors to manage by objective with trackable job criteria.


Measure Staff Engagement

Improve job satisfaction and retention with an appraisal system that links individual objectives to community goals.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Employee Performance Management Workflow

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Key Time Saving Features

  • Flexible Client Defined Evaluation Factors – Create supervisor-defined job objectives and track feedback to create an easy to-implement performance appraisal system for your municipality.
  • Measure Staff Contributions– Link job objectives to community goals to ensure that all employees are working toward the same overall result.
  • Track Employee Development – Identify and manage  employees' critical skills and competencies. Plan development to fill employee and organizational gaps. 
  • Intuitive Supervisor Routing – Create customizable workflows that are specific to each employee’s line of oversight to expedite the review completion process and minimize human resource workflow management.
  • Customizable Multi-Appraiser Setup – Easy-to-use multi-appraiser and 360-degree evaluation tools offer a comprehensive evaluation of an employee’s performance.
  • Integrated Document Management – Supervisors can upload and manage performance appraisals, disciplinary forms, change requests, and other documentation so all employee personnel forms are housed in a single, convenient repository.

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