CivicOptimize® Volunteer 

Recruit, Screen, Approve, and Communicate with Volunteers in Your Local Community

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Connect Citizen Volunteers with Local Volunteer Opportunities

Implement our automated, mobile responsive volunteer management solution into your website or citizen engagement portal and make it easy for residents to give back to the place you all call home.

Eliminating Barriers Between Those in Need and Those Ready to Give Back

Your volunteers can browse and apply for community opportunities based on their interests, and your administrative staff can approve and manage their placements—no paper and no delays.



A Branded, Local Experience

Customize with your logo, brand colors, and volunteer agreement



Simple to configure from the CivicOptimize Productivity console


Built for a Mobile-First Experience

Optimized for ease-of-use from a desktop computer or mobile device


Incentivize with Gamification

Game mechanics reward volunteers for being engaged, accountable and punctual


Support Your Local Organizations

Empower local organizations and community partners to find and approve qualified volunteers


Expedite Aid by Eliminating Paper

Automation means you eliminate delays in matching volunteers with organizations doing good

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