CivicOptimize® Product Enhancements

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At CivicPlus, we value feedback and input from our customers like you. The CivicOptimize team has implemented several significant enhancements over the last six months based on that feedback. In this recording, our team discusses the latest enhancements and showcases some of their uses. Below is a list of some of the items we highlight:

  • Approvals – This gives you the ability to attach an approval flow to a submission, routing it automatically through the flow of users that need to view and “sign-off” on a submission prior to completion.
  • Scheduling – This feature allows the form submitter to view a calendar set up by you to find open spaces to schedule an appointment. You set the length of the appointment and the time between, but the submitter can schedule an open time of their choosing.
  • Email Customization – You can now easily make simple changes to your email responses or with more technical expertise you can make big changes.