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The Power of Civil Space

CivicPlus partners with the Civil Space public consultation platform to help local governments inform their decision-making and better engage citizens. Civil Space’s unique engagement and collaboration solution enables local governments to educate citizens efficiently and effectively on current issues and gauge public interest, sentiments, concerns, and excitement for the topics that will most impact their community, from annual budgeting to development projects and everything in between.

Amplify Your Digital Citizen Engagement

Civil Space is a people-centric engagement platform built to help communities co-design better futures. It’s a suite of interactive participation tools that provide continuous education throughout engagements. A variety of question types—from map pin drops to interactive budgeting tables—ensures that every participant has a way to engage meaningfully. Civil Space is designed to enable organizations to build trust with citizens by enabling pathways to speak into decision making, offer feedback on phases of strategy, and connect with contextual content to feel informed, empowered, and heard.




Provide Citizens with Context and Information

Easily include essential information in your engagements through a variety of communication mediums. Text, visuals, and video help explain initiatives and gather the most impactful responses.


Go from Consulting to Collaboration

Enable generative ideation and selective commenting where it’s needed. Such control allows you to create impactful engagements so that you and your citizens can define new solutions to your community’s needs.


Unlock Insights and Identify Meaning

Analyze results with machine learning for text analysis and cross-tabbing for quantitative responses. Export and publish reports with customizable visuals, types, and tracking methods.


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