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Optimize Your Mass Notification System

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Our Latest Blog Posts

  • Best Practices for Communicating AMBER Alerts to Your Citizens
  • Use Your Blog to Amplify Your Emergency and Routine Notifications
  • 8 Tips for Local Government Community Emergency Preparedness

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  • Learn to Use Social Media During a Crisis
  • Comprehensive Guide to Disaster Communications

Fact Sheets

  • IPAWS and Enhancing Your Emergency Communication Strategy
  • 10 Things to Look for When Choosing a Mass Notification System
  • CivicReady vs. others in the market comparison chart
  • Earthquake Safety Tips for You and Your Community
  • How Much Time Do You Have to Communicate During an Emergency?
  • Functionality Chart

White Papers

  • Keep Your Citizens Informed and Safe During Local Disasters with IPAWS

Case Studies

  • See How We Helped Bullard, TX
  • Radnor, PA Uses CivicReady


  • Crisis Communication Planning For Local Governments
  •  Harness the Life Saving Power of IPAWS
  • Crisis Communication in an Active Shooter Situation
  • Communication Technology Trends in Public Safety
  • Unscrambling the Confusion about Emergency Alerts


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CivicReady allows local governments to inform and protect their citizens in a time of need. In addition, they have the ability to send routine communciations to their employees. Complete the form below and see if CivicReady is right for you.