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CivicReady Modules

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FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)

To ensure your messages reach the greatest number of potentially-impacted citizens timely, no matter where they are, our robust platform leverages IPAWS

Created by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), IPAWS leverages national emergency communication channels to provide area-specific alerts in times of emergency. IPAWS enables you to reach as many people as possible, including those who have not opted-in to text, phone, or email communications, as well as travelers and visitors in your area. It’s capable of sending notifications to cell phones without being delayed by network congestion. It can interrupt local TV and radio broadcasts to share important notifications. It can even post notifications to digital road signs and various other locations instantaneously.

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IPAWS Notification System

Geofencing Capabilities with Mobile App

Combined with the Geofencing capability of the free CivicReady AlertMe app, local governments can send notifications to anyone with the app in a geographic location. When your citizens download the app and enable location services, their device can be targeted with a Geofence message sent to a specific area on a map using our radius tools. Whether you need to warn of an area specific emergency, or tell travelers about a traffic situation or road closure, messages can be customized for entry and exit messages with a GeoFence. A geofence can be activated for minutes, hours or even days and the message can be updated by an administrator during the event. CivicReady displays data showing how many people within the Geofence received your message as well as how many entered and exited the area. Provide fast, effective geo-targeted messaging that can save lives or market local events in an instant with Geofencing capabilities. 

Automated Weather Alerts

It is important to communicate with citizens clearly and effectively when there is severe weather. Unfortunately, weather is sometimes unpredictable and personnel are unavailable to communicate.

With CivicReady Automated Weather Alerts, notifications are automatically dispersed to your subscribers as soon as an alert is activated by the National Weather Service. You can automatically communicate information to citizens immediately when time matters most.

Automated Weather Alerts
Interactive Polling

Interactive Polling (IVR)

“Press 1 if you are safe. Press 2 if you need help evacuating.”  CivicReady’s Interactive Polling with interactive voice response (IVR) enables you to conduct polls and surveys via the Text-to-Speech voice engine. IVR allows recipients to record voice responses, enter yes/no answers, or enter key presses for specific questions.

You will be able to easily create up to 20 questions in a single call and receive analytics to capture responses. Responses are easily viewed by clicking on the specific group name from which the poll originated. This feature can be used for both critical and non-critical notifications.


Conference Bridge

In a crisis, local government administrators need to be able to alert and convene key personnel instantly. Instead of waiting for others to dial in to a conference call, CivicReady’s Conference Bridge calls out to the relevant staff.

This time-saving module connects decision makers onto a unified call within seconds to enable urgent next step planning.

Conference Calling
CivicReady's Core Site Features

CivicReady Core Site

Being prepared means being informed. The more information citizens can access before, during and after an emergency, the better the odds of a positive outcome. With the CivicReady Core Site, your citizens will have quick access to information from the National Weather Service, Homeland Security and FEMA, as well as local shelter information from you.

Your Core Site’s features include:

  • Shelter Management – During an emergency, being in a safe place is essential. CivicReady’s Core Site makes it easy for your citizens to quickly view the location, services, capacity, and contact information of the shelters closest to them. With our shelter management tools, you can easily create shelters with addresses, integrated Google Maps, and photos to make them easily identifiable. Each shelter is different and can provide unique accommodations, so you can add information on accessibility, medical availability, or custom services of your own.
  • Individual Theme – Your CivicReady Core Site includes a unique logo, background image, and URL.
  • Scalable Information – Easily add new content, edit old content, and keep page layout consistent through use of the site’s What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. This includes the ability to add global navigation categories and pages of information.

Application Programming Interface (API) Suite

CivicReady’s versatile API suite and robust integration capabilities enables our solution to easily integrate with other products. Our multimodal notification platform provides seamless, two-way communication between CivicReady and partner third-party solutions.

Through the API integration, CivicReady and our partners can trigger each other’s system to broadcast emergency and routine notifications either manually or automatically.

Current Partner Integrations:

  • Alertus
  • ATI Systems
  • Valcom
  • Visiplex
  • InformaCast
  • Syn-Apps

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