The CivicReady self-guided demo allows you to explore the following features at your own pace:

  • Send a message- all from one page you have the ability to quickly select your channels, audience and message.
  • Citizen Experience- See how citizens can select what they want to be notified for, on what devices and in what language.
  • IPAWS- CivicReady integrates with FEMA’s emergency alert solution, IPAWS.
  • Apps & Geofencing- Learn how CivicReady empowers both citizens and administrators with powerful mobile apps.
  • Geotargeted Notifications- Learn how to communicate to those most likely impacted by an emergency or event.
  • Multilingual- CivicReady supports automated multilingual translation in 13 different languages.
  • Reporting- Learn how we verify that your intended audience has received your message.
  • Visibility and Database - Learn how easy it is to import and export contacts

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