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Mass Notification Solution for Local Government

Enjoy a one-on-one personalized consultation

Examine your process with a mass notification solution expert to find the best remedy for your communication pain points.

Designed for your municipality

Developed by mass communication professionals with insights from over 2,500 local governments - CivicReady is the top mass notification solution.



Get anywhere in 2 easy clicks with intuitive design tailored to fit your specific needs.

Compliance & Security

Ensure EEOC, FLSA, USCIS and local regulatory compliance in one secure location.

Unmatched Service

Live, 24/7 responsive support dedicated to your organization and unique setup.

etwm1h-york-icon-chart.pngOver 500,000 career visits

Municipalities have experienced a 40% increase in candidate traffic with the implementation of CivicHR.

Save on recruitment efforts3eifx9-york-icon-thumbs-up.png

Easily track how much money you are saving and spending with each new hire


"Our CivicHR solution went live after about 3 months. Implementing a new solution can be very involved and require a significant time investment. CivicHR made the process positive and worry free. "

Chris Vasquez
IT Director, Huntsville, TX

“What pleased me most was how quick the implementation was. The support has been fantastic. I’m glad to let other cities know about CivicHR.”

Angel Alvarado
HR Director, Marble Falls, TX

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