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Simplify Your Daily Communications

Routine Notifications

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You don’t need advanced tech skills to create and distribute routine communications with CivicReady. We make sending and receiving notifications so simple that any user can easily communicate from their computer, smartphone, or tablet. CivicReady is as simple to use as email. Our user-friendly, one-click messaging interface empowers individuals of all technical abilities to quickly compose a new message or use a pre-written, event-specific template. Communicate with your employees or specific departments, or with a group of citizens. Allow your City Administrator to send routine updates to interested citizen groups about City Commission meetings and agendas. Or allow your County Department Manager to send an internal notice to employees about an office closure. Communications can be sent for special events, or to announce changes to schedules during the holidays. The flexibility of the CivicReady system allows for the easy creation of targeted and effective communications from multiple approved administrators. Our CivicReady solution has been designed specifically for:

  • Office closures and scheduled updates
  • Meeting agendas and locations
  • Special announcements
  • Updates to citizen groups
  • Reminders or instructions to teams or departments
  • Internal employee communications

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Bullard Informs Citizens with CivicReady Mass Notification System

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