Webinar: The Enhanced CivicReady®

A Revolution in Mass Communication Technology

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This webinar originally aired:

May 21, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. CST

You’ve told us that with some improvements, CivicReady could help you better inform and protect your citizens during a local disaster. We heard you, but we didn’t set out to only change some features. We’ve revolutionized mass communication technology and eliminated the known gaps in the implementation, configuration, and message distribution processes that have been pain points for too many for too long.

Join our solution designers to see the reimagined and redesigned CivicReady. Our webinar will:

  • Explain how the evolving purpose of a mass notification solution has driven us to be the most innovative and forward-thinking solution available.
  • Share how we’ve made processes easier with the new iteration of CivicReady.
  • Offer a tour of our new features and functionality including:
    • Lists that are entirely configurable, helping you save time and effort when sending notifications.
    • New condensed messaging workflows that make it even faster and more intuitive to send a message.
    • Reimagined roles and permissions based on your feedback and needs.
    • Enhanced reporting that allows thread communication visibility, custom reporting, and easy messaging updates.
  • Outline the process and timing for making this latest software version available to all clients.
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About the Hosts: Ryan Strait

As the solutions director for all CivicPlus® citizen communication services, Ryan’s focus is on understanding the communication challenges faced by local governments in times of disaster and ensuring the CivicPlus CivicReady® mass notification solution offers the most efficient, and effective capabilities to allow governments to keep citizens safe and informed.

Ryan leads market research initiatives relative to local government mass communications and provides local governments with needs assessments. She also oversees the consistency and quality of all CivicReady product implementations.