Best Practices for Using Internal Communication Functionality During an Emergency

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When a disaster strikes, it’s just as critical to reach public safety personnel as it is to reach citizens. Local governments need to have an internal communication plan as a part of their crisis management planning, whether it’s for COVID-19, a natural disaster, or other workplace safety threat.

You need a great two-way communication tool that connects you directly to internal staff and updates them instantly whenever there is new information to share.

In this recording, our public safety experts outline best practices for using internal communication functionality as part of your emergency and mass notification system.

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Your Host: Brian Stapleton

As the product manager and subject matter expert for CivicRec, Brian is primarily responsible for ensuring our parks and recreation clients are fully leveraging all the flexible features and modern functionality offered by our local government recreation management software. Brian stays immersed in the trends and technologies impacting parks and recreation departments so that he can serve as a critical link between the CivicRec product development and service delivery teams to ensure our product continues to evolve as the needs of local government evolve. Brian earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Management from Western International University.