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The Benefits of Stand-Alone Access to FEMA's IPAWS.

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Originally aired on: June 12, 2018

Duration: 35 mintues

Learn about the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) and how CivicReady® is now the first provider to offer an IPAWS only option that will allow you to create and send emergency alerts to your citizens and visitors. IPAWS leverages all the nation’s available alert and warning channels without the need for citizens to opt-in. Put this lifesaving communication tool to work for your community and start maximizing the reach of your life-saving notifications.

Join our public safety experts to learn about:

  • FEMA's Emergency Alerting System, IPAWS. What is it? Who's using it? How to become authorized to use it?
  • How IPAWS is being used by municipalities to save lives.
  • The benefits of IPAWS integration with CivicReady and other CivicPlus® citizen engagement solutions.
  • How your team of CivicReady public safety experts will manage the IPAWS authorization process with FEMA for you as part of the comprehensive implementation process.

You will also see a demonstration of the easy-to-use IPAWS solution, and how quickly life-saving communications can be created and distributed to targeted areas of your community.

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About the Hosts: Ryan Strait & Jennifer Elliott

As the Product Director for CivicReady, Ryan’s focus is on understanding the communication challenges faced by local governments in times of disaster, and ensuring the CivicReady solution offers the most efficient, and effective capabilities to allow governments to keep citizens safe and informed.

Ryan leads market research initiatives relative to local government mass communications and provides local governments with needs assessments. She also oversees the consistency and quality of all CivicReady product implementations.

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As the Marketing Manager for CivicReady, Jennifer’s focus is to understand local government and emergency management’s needs and challenges communicating to citizens. She ensures that the benefits of the CivicReady system are communicated and being leveraged by our local government clients. She leads the marketing effort for the CivicReady product and assists Product Strategy with communications and implementations. 

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications and Journalism with a major in Public Relations from Kansas State University. She has over 17 years of experience in both the public and private sector handling internal and external audience communications with a focus on marketing.