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Lake Elsinore, CA

Population: 65,000

The slogan for the City of Lake Elsinore is Dream Extreme, and for good reason. Dedicated to becoming the ultimate destination where all can live, work, and play, build futures and fulfill dreams, the city’s location on the shore of Lake Elsinore makes it an ideal home or tourist destination for the adventure-seeker and fun-lover.

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Denton, TX

Population: 135,000

For this growing city that’s part of the recent boom of northern Texas communities, residents of Denton enjoy being part of a close-knit community, their two local colleges, their eclectic artists, vibrant downtown, and expressive music scene. Offering a variety of parks and trails, facilities, activities and programs, there is something for everyone and citizens of all ages in Denton.

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Anaheim, CA

Population: 350,000

Anaheim, CA may be the home of Disneyland Resort, but it is also home to a diverse population of residents who have chosen to call home in a city built on imagination. Home to hip hangouts, unique neighborhoods, and plenty of outdoor recreation, Anaheim is as inviting as it is eclectic.

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Gwinnett County, GA

Population: 900,000

Gwinnett County is an ideal place to live, work, and play. Its award-winning parks and leisure activities offer a never-ending source of fun activities any time of year. From hiking trails to team sports, to a fitness and pottery class, there is something for everyone at Gwinnett County Park & Recreation.

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