The CivicRec self-guided demo allows you to explore the following features at your own pace:

  • Citizen Experience - we personalize your CivicRec solution to match your community branding.
  • Manage Classes and Activities - create classes, pricing, add-on features, prompts, waivers, and forms.
  • Manage Facilities - generate and share permits, schedule programs, take in-house and online reservations, and schedule leagues and meetings.
  • League Management - explore drafts, scheduling, team pages and more in our league module.
  • Membership Management - flexible membership management options and learn how to create membership cards and order key tags.
  • Manage Volunteers - create, manage, and organize volunteer opportunities for your citizens.
  • Point-of-Sale - our unique module is ideal for merchandise, concessions, drop-ins, and more.
  • Instructor Management - create instructor accounts, assign rates, configure participant data and issue contracts.
  • Ticketing - create, sell and scan tickets for events in-house, online or from a mobile device.

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