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This webinar originally aired:

June 12, 2019 11:00 a.m. CST


Our clients challenge us every day to improve our solutions and create features they can’t find anywhere else. We get it. Your citizens challenge you too, to offer the most innovative and modern online self-service features available from the public sector.

We have accepted your challenge and have some big news to share.

Join our solution innovators to see the major enhancements we’ve created for CivicRec (hint: you’ll love our new facilities features 😉).

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About the Host: Jerred McKee

As a solution manager for CivicRec®, Jerred’s focus is on eliminating barriers between the technology that citizens want, the technology that local governments need, and the technology that CivicPlus® develops. Drawing on his previous experience as a CivicPlus client success manager and his personal experience as an elected official, Jerred is uniquely intuned to the civic engagement needs of local governments. He collaborates with the CivicRec solution innovators and product strategists to ideate and innovate new features and functionality to help parks and recreation departments do more with less. His attention to detail, creativity, and drive for solution growth and innovation make him a leader in the parks and recreation technology space.