Webinar: How to Engage Diverse Populations Using Parks and Recreation Services


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Learn how to increase adoption of community offerings and local resources

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Every citizen in your community benefits from the availability and access to public parks, and athletic and educational activities. For citizens impacted by lower socioeconomic conditions, the benefits of affordable access to education and healthy recreational opportunities are immeasurable.

Join our citizen engagement experts as they draw on their experiences serving their local communities to offer solutions to increase the adoption of your parks and recreation offerings among all citizens in your community, particularly those in need of local resources.


About the Hosts: Jerred McKee & Katrina Lewison

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Jerred McKee is a solutions manager for CivicRec® and a member of the Manhattan, Kansas City Council.

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Katrina Lewison is a director of training and consulting management at CivicPlus® and a member of the Manhattan/Ogden, Kansas School Board.