Parks and Recreation Lunch and Learn Webinar Series:

Kid Rocker Online Music Lessons

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Join Lucas Stephenson, the Kid Rocker, to learn how he’s helping parks and rec departments incorporate virtual music classes into their recreation programming. Combining the classroom and the stage, Kid Rocker helps students achieve their musical goals through education and performance. The Kid Rocker method is a calendar-driven, goal-oriented, multi-faceted music learning program that combines the classroom and stage. Kids can learn to master various instruments, including guitar, ukulele, drums, bass, keys, and vocals.
Find out if one of Lucas’ programs could bring beautiful music to your community.

Sean Brady


Your Host: Sean Brady, CivicOptimize Solutions Consultant

Sean Brady is the solutions consultant for CivicOptimize. Sean has been with CivicPlus for five years and has been a software trainer and consultant in the local government technology sector for over 15 years. He holds certifications in CISSP, CEH, and ADA Coordination and is a certified ATD Master Trainer. Sean specializes in data management, implementation, governance, encryption, workflow, and business process consulting.

Adam Elliott Circle Headshot


Your Host: Adam Elliott, CivicOptimize Productivity

Product Manager

Adam Elliott is a product manager for CivicOptimize Productivity, the CivicPlus low-code application development platform for local government. Adam has over a decade of experience in digital transformation. He spent seven years in higher education, where he was named Apple Distinguished Educator for the Class of 2015 for his efforts in enhancing student learning experiences using technology. Adam joined CivicPlus in 2017 and led the CivicEngage Creative Services team from 2018 to 2020.