Parks and Rec Lunch and Learn Series:
How to Bring Virtual Activities to Your Community

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Your citizens have been living, learning, and interacting in a digital world for years, but the COVID-19 crisis just accelerated the need to offer engaging virtual programming for every demographic in your community. This ongoing webinar series brings together insiders and thought leaders in the recreation programming and technology sectors to help difference-makers like you launch innovative virtual programs that will help reinvigorate your citizens and your revenue-generating capabilities.

Join Luke Wade, founder of The Community Creator, to learn the fundamentals of creating great virtual event experiences. Wade will share lessons learned in collaborating with Kansas City Parks and Recreation and the City of Overland Park, Kansas’ Parks + Recreation Department on the unique challenges facing the public sector, and how to overcome them.

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Your Host: Brian Stapleton

As the product manager and subject matter expert for CivicRec, Brian is primarily responsible for ensuring our parks and recreation clients are fully leveraging all the flexible features and modern functionality offered by our local government recreation management software. Brian stays immersed in the trends and technologies impacting parks and recreation departments so that he can serve as a critical link between the CivicRec product development and service delivery teams to ensure our product continues to evolve as the needs of local government evolve. Brian earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Management from Western International University.

About Our Guest

Luke Wade

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Luke Wade is the founder of the Community Creator. About ten years ago, having moved to a new city, Luke found himself searching for quality sports and events and trying to meet new people. He attended several events that were nothing more than walking from bar to bar. Luke would show up for softball leagues only to find the lights off with no one there because games had been canceled, but no one notified the players. He was tired of this. He just wanted to get out of his house, have some fun, and meet some new people.

So, eight years ago, Luke started a softball league for his friends. This league grew, and now he has had over 51,000 participants engage in everything from Sand Volleyball, Basketball, Pickleball, Cornhole, kickball, softball, and more all over the Kansas City area. He also started one-day events such as a Grilled Cheese Festival, an Underachiever’s Run, a Zombie Crawl, and more, which have had over 16,000 attendees.

When COVID-19 struck, Luke’s events were canceled, and his revenues disappeared. He realized he had to pivot and fast. Luke has held multiple virtual events since March 2020 and wants to share how he navigated this new challenge. Luke is passionate about creating engaging events that build a strong, connected community. His new focus is on helping others create something awesome in their cities without making all the mistakes he made.