Parks and Rec Lunch and Learn Series:
Mindfulness for a Resilient World - Planning for Earth Day

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There is so much going on in the world, so much noise, and so many things that constantly need our attention. It’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day routine and realizing only when your head hits the pillow at night, that you have unresolved anxiety about the future and the unknown, especially when it comes to the conservation of the planet.

Listen as Sami Aaron, Founder of The Resilient Activist, explains the importance of the interconnected relationship, both physically and emotionally, between humans and the health of the planet and how you can bring mindfulness back to your community.

About Our Guest Sami Aaron


According to studies from the American Psychological Association, people everywhere are experiencing severe emotional distress caused by climate change and environmental devastation. In the newly emerging field of ecopsychology, there is an understanding of the interconnected relationship, both physically and emotionally, between humans and the health of the planet. Through Sami’s studies in meditation, yoga nidra (yoga sleep), yoga for trauma, nature-connected teachings, and the benefits of her own time spent in nature, along with her desire to guide others into a life rich in nature connection, she has been able to visualize The Resilient Activist program to build a community that will nurture, uplift, and support those who strive to live in conscious harmony with Earth.

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Your Host: Brian Stapleton

As the product manager and subject matter expert for CivicRec, Brian is primarily responsible for ensuring our parks and recreation clients are fully leveraging all the flexible features and modern functionality offered by our local government recreation management software. Brian stays immersed in the trends and technologies impacting parks and recreation departments so that he can serve as a critical link between the CivicRec product development and service delivery teams to ensure our product continues to evolve as the needs of local government evolve. Brian earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Management from Western International University.