Parks and Rec Lunch and Learn Series:
Virtual, Interactive Learning Ideas from Talewise

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In this recording, our guest from Talewise talks about how they are producing fun, interactive and virtual learning experiences through the art of storytelling.

Every Talewise show combines a story, science lessons, a host, and related bonus content to entertain and educate children. Talewise offers a D.I.Y. Event Kit, Live Virtual Events and will return to offering Live In-Person Events in the Fall of 2021.

Find out if their unique brand of fun and learning could complement your childhood education programming.


About our Guest: Kevin Kelly from Talewise


Talewise (originally known as ScienceTellers) was started in 2004. Over the years, our science and storytelling shows have delighted thousands of children all over the country, and we have grown from a one-man operation into a whole team of performers and staff who all share a passion for teaching through stories.

With the pivot to virtual programming in 2020, Talewise is growing yet again. We have expanded our programming to include virtual events on Zoom and DIY events that can be presented at your location or online.

Rather than repackage our old shows into prerecorded videos, we took advantage of today’s technology and created a whole new set of shows and resources. Each Talewise show comprises four key elements: an interactive host, an animated story, Next Generation Science concepts, and themed activities. We designed our shows to be ultra-flexible multimedia experiences so that even in a virtual world, we continue to connect people through stories and science!

Kevin is very excited to work closely with all of the participants to bring Talewise science and storytelling programs to your audiences!

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Your Host: Brian Stapleton

As the product manager and subject matter expert for CivicRec, Brian is primarily responsible for ensuring our parks and recreation clients are fully leveraging all the flexible features and modern functionality offered by our local government recreation management software. Brian stays immersed in the trends and technologies impacting parks and recreation departments so that he can serve as a critical link between the CivicRec product development and service delivery teams to ensure our product continues to evolve as the needs of local government evolve. Brian earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Management from Western International University.