Webinar Series: Creating a Culture of Business in Parks and Recreation


In this free, four-part presentation, participants will learn to take the steps necessary to improve the monetization of their parks and recreation activities and strengthen their community offerings. The four-part series will cover these five topics:

  • Why is a business-minded culture important to you?
  • How to develop and execute a business planning mindset.
  • What key performance indicators (KPIs) should you measure and monitor?
  • How to apply business principles to your agency.
  • Understanding expenditures and revenues and the cost-recovery model with practical examples.
Webinar Series
Creating a Culture of Business

Session 1: Understanding the Importance of Developing a Business-Minded Culture

Wednesday, May 12, Noon CT

In this session, you’ll learn what a business culture looks like when it’s molded to fit municipal parks and recreation departments and why it’s important to engrain a business-minded culture into your day-to-day processes.

Session Closed

Webinar Series
Creating a Culture of Business

Session 2: Executing a Business-Minded Culture in Parks & Recreation Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Wednesday, May 19, Noon CT

In this session, we’ll discuss the KPIs you should monitor in your parks and recreation department to track progress toward goals and measure your success.

Session Closed

Webinar Series
Creating a Culture of Business

Session 3: How to Apply Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Programs, Facilities, and Services

Wednesday, May 26, Noon CT

Building on session 2, we will analyze the recommended KPIs and assess how they impact current department operations so that you can leverage them to maximize revenue potential.

Session Closed

Webinar Series
Creating a Culture of Business

Session 4: Overview of Tools to Manage and Maintain a Business-Minded Culture

Wednesday, June 2, Noon CT

In our final session, we'll help you put the strategies you've learned into practical application with a discussion on tools and tactical implementation.

Session Closed

Webinar Series
Creating a Culture of Business

An Open Forum with Tom O’Rourke and Leon Younger

During this hour-long session, Tom and Leon will answer your questions about the four-part webinar series and help you implement what you’ve learned to create revenue opportunities in your community.

Session Closed

Each session is 1.5 hours long and is eligible for .1 continuing education units or .4 CEUs for those who attend all four live sessions. 

Those who attend all four sessions will be issued a Certificate of Completion. Sessions will be live and must be attended to receive credit. Sessions will not be recorded. To ensure you are credited properly, please register for each session separately and do not share your registration information with others.


Technical Notes

To accurately track CEU completions, if multiple team members from your department will be attending any of these sessions, we ask that they please all register separately and log in to view the presentations from a separate desktop computer and not a mobile device.


About Your Instructors

Tom O’Rourke


Tom O’Rourke is currently an educator, parks and recreation consultant, and speaker. He is in his fifth year as a Professor of Practice in the PRTM Department at Clemson University. His responsibilities include teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels and working with other faculty to assist communities, agencies, and practitioners in various capacities. Tom’s focus at Clemson is on creating innovative and entrepreneurial models and solutions to issues facing the parks and recreation field.

Tom also serves in a consulting role with Brandstetter Carroll, Inc., where he is responsible for operational, programmatic, and financial recommendations for park and recreation agencies. Tom previously served as the Executive Director of The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission (CCPRC), leading the Agency through the largest capital project budget, operational budget, and attendance growth in its history. CCPRC has been nationally recognized for operating an ever-expanding park system with little reliance on tax subsidies for growth. Previously, Tom served as the Executive Director of the Parklands Foundation of Charleston County, Inc.; he also served as the Director of the Mt. Pleasant Recreation Department in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Tom is a frequent presenter at numerous state, national and international conferences. He has also served as a member of the Board of Regents for the Revenue Development and Management School, the Supervisors Management School, and the NRPA Directors School. Tom was named as the Director of the Parks Foundations School held in Oglebay, WV. Tom has recently been elected as Council Member for the Town of Mt. Pleasant, in Mt. Pleasant, SC, where he serves as Finance Committee Chair.


Leon Younger


Leon is the founder and President of PROS Consulting. He has more than 40 years in parks, recreation, and leisure services industry. Leon is a recognized leader in applying innovative approaches to managing parks and recreation organizations. He has held positions as Director of Parks and Recreation in Indianapolis, Indiana; Executive Director of Lake Metroparks in Lake County, Ohio (Cleveland vicinity); Director of Parks and Recreation in Jackson County, Missouri (Kansas City), Recreation Superintendent for Johnson County Parks and Recreation District. He received the 1994 National Park and Recreation Association’s Distinguished Professional Award for his progressive and innovative thinking in management of public parks and recreation entities.

Leon is routinely invited to present his management and development philosophies at conferences, workshops, and training across the United States, as well as internationally. He is co-creator of the Community Values Model™️, a business model that synthesizes community and stakeholder input into a strategic plan. He regularly addresses sessions at the National Park and Recreation Conferences and has served as a board member and instructor at the Pacific Revenue and Marketing School in San Diego, California and the Rocky Mountain Revenue and Management School in Colorado. Leon is currently on the City Parks Alliance Board.

Since starting PROS Consulting in 1995, PROS has worked with over 1400 park and recreation agencies across the United States and seven countries around the world in park and recreation management.