Playful Learning: Engaging Summer and
After-School Programs for Parks and Rec

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With LEGO™ Education STEAM Park (think theme park), young students (K-2) can learn about science, math, and SEL. Students in Grades 3-5 and 6-8 can focus on physical science through sports.

If you are interested in computer science skills (requiring a device), LEGO Education offers camps and afterschool activities for elementary and middle school students. LEGO Education camps are written for four days a week, six hours a day, for one or two weeks with students working with a partner but are easily adapted to fit with your program. In addition, LEGO Education offers Professional Development, so everyone is ready to deliver a great experience to the kids.

In this recording, Betty Justus, LEGO Solution Engineer and Education Consultant, shares how you can bring this fun and engaging learning opportunity to kids and parents in your community. You'll enjoy some hands-on activities to get you thinking about what you can do and see how you can fully engage the students’ hands and minds.