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Bring Virtual Fitness Programs to Your Community

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Hear our guest, Annie Spence from Unbreakable Strength Co., talk about how she’s helping communities bring virtual fitness programs to their citizens.

Much like her in-person coaching, all of Annie’s virtual group clients receive a thorough and methodical initial assessment to determine their movement capacity as well as their health history, nutritional needs, and goals. She communicates with participants via an app called MyPtHub, email, phone, or video chat, and gives every class member the same consistent attention and care as her in-person clients.

Through the app, participants can communicate with their coach, view workouts, watch detailed instructional videos, and track progress.

Find out if Annie’s virtual offering could help your residents stay healthy, distanced, and fit.

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About Our Guest: Annie Spence

Anneliese Spence (Bs. Kinesiology, CSCS, TSAF-F, FRC, PRI, USAW) began her iron journey over a decade ago. Filled with a deep love for science, science fiction, and comic art, she became fascinated with drawing the body, particularly the anatomy and musculature of the human system. At the young age of 12, she bought a copy of Strength Training Anatomy by Frédéric Delavier. Inspired by the art within, she joined ProFitness, a local gym in a grungy basement filled with powerlifters, bodybuilders, and other knowledgeable mentors. She found her home amongst the weight racks, chalk, and old 80s lifting gear. Fascinated and filled with curiosity, she spent hours in that basement training and tearing through every book and resource on training she could get her hands on.

Since that time, she has put in thousands of hours with the iron and learned just how life-giving the pursuit of strength is. At 20 years old, she survived a traumatic crush injury rendering her with six open pelvic fractures, organ damage, and extensive nerve injury. Over 24 hours of surgery and six months of hospitalization in New Zealand left her with 29 screws and three plates in her pelvis and spine, as well as an intimate understanding of what it truly means to be strong, to fight for one’s life, and to reclaim one’s body.

Coach Spence offers client-centered coaching in person and online, drawing on years of experience, her degree in the field, and her broad-reaching professional certifications. When she’s not coaching, training, or putting her nose in a book somewhere, she can be found outside with her wife and their two dogs playing ball or spending time with the community at her favorite local café.