Practicing Inclusive Engagement:

An In-Depth Presentation from our Community Engagement Partners at Civil Space


Original Air Date: Thursday, September 30 at 10 a.m. CT

(8 a.m. PT | 9 a.m. MT | 11 a.m. ET)

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Civil Space and CivicPlus® share a mission: empowering healthy community engagement to meet our diverse communities’ needs. Thanks to the overwhelming participation in our previous Practicing Inclusive Engagement webinar, our technology partners will host an enhanced version of their original presentation and answer your questions about engaging your community the right way. 

In this recorded webinar, Renée Mak and Kevan Gilbert from Civil Space discuss the challenges, approaches, and benefits of decision-making that involves a group of citizens that better represents your whole community, including a diverse cross-section of race, age, citizenship status, income, ability, education level, and housing status. They discuss:

  •  How to put citizens at the forefront of your planning
  • Case studies that showcase the use of inclusive and equitable digital town halls and gathering places
  • How Civil Space's technology can help you collaborate on key initiatives through an inclusive, accessible platform designed for education and context



Our Guest: Renée Mak, Experience Designer

With 8 years of experience in UX, Renée brings a wealth of experience in research, strategy and designing scalable solutions. Her background in urban planning entrenched a human centered approach early in her career and she approaches problem solving with a systems and omnichannel perspective. With a history as a consultant, she has worked in a variety of spaces including product, enterprise, government and start-ups.



Our Guest: Kevan Gilbert, Facilitation Lead

A seasoned facilitator of workshops and co-creative sessions for all types of situations, for all different types of people, Kevan currently is in the process of birthing Co.School: an innovative business and government empowerment platform to equip leaders to look to their diverse communities for the criteria and solutions to solve their most complex challenges. Kevan leads Design Thinking training and mentors teams in developing their own signature facilitation styles. Kevan has studied design thinking and innovation concepting processes through the THNK School of Creative Leadership. Kevan has been instrumental in many organizations’ adoption of agile, co-creative, and design thinking methodologies, excelling at stakeholder engagement and management, energetically rallying teams around their vision and mission, and delivering vision-aligned, practical roadmaps and change paths that enable and empower brighter, more equitable futures.