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Citizen Sourcing Helps Castle Rock, Colo., Plan 225-Acre Park

Posted by CivicPlus

Jul 27, 2012 8:13:00 AM

Castle Rock ColoradoCastle Rock, Colorado wanted to gather community opinions and ideas from citizens about its planned Philip S. Miller Park. Using a combination of in-person meetings and CivicPlus' Community Voice citizen-sourcing tool on its website, the City was able to promote constructive conversation and gather useful feedback about prospective uses for the park.






“Community Voice fits our entire online philosophy, which is to reach people in the manner they prefer to be reached. We’re never going to go completely online. We’ll always have residents who prefer to go to in-person meetings. But this is another tool in our toolbox to reach people on their terms and get them to engage with us.”

— Kristin Accola, Castle Rock's Management Analyst

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