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Cranberry Township, Pa., Builds a Sustainable Future Using its Website

Posted by CivicPlus

Jul 27, 2012 8:12:00 AM

Cranberry TownshipCranberry Township, Penn., was developing a comprehensive community plan with a 25-year outlook that focused on sustainability. CivicPlus took into account Cranberry Township's sustainability goals while designing the new website,, and focused on ways to reduce negative impacts on the environment, reduce energy use and save money. The new website brought to life the town's commitment to sustainability through increased digital community engagement.



“We get a large number of hits on our website every day. Having sustainability in mind with our new website design is providing ongoing opportunities for residents to be part of the solution, by building awareness through education and by using the online services. The website is an important tool in our arsenal to advance the community’s number one priority, which is a sustainable future.”

— John Trant, Chief Strategic Planning Officer

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Topics: Website Design

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