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Website First Line of Defense in Maui County's Emergency Preparedness

Posted by CivicPlus

Jul 27, 2012 8:12:00 AM

maui countyIn March 2011, Maui County, Hawaii, braced for giant tsunami waves moving toward the island after an earthquake off the coast of Japan. County officials used the CivicPlus Alert Center to notify residents via digital media. The notification was posted on the website and social media, while email and text message alerts were sent to Maui County Notify Me subscribers. Around 4,300 people were instantly notified about the impending tsunami.




“The ease of posting a message one time to reach an extended audience (public, partner agencies and media) via multiple methods (website, social media, email, text) has increased the Civil Defense Agency’s efficiency and effectiveness in getting prompt, consistent and accurate messages out in times of emergency.”

— Anna Foust, emergency management office for the Maui Civil Defense Agency

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