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Government Website Does What it Takes to Serve Community in Colorado’s West Metro Fire Protection District

Posted by Pang Her

Jul 27, 2012 8:13:00 AM

West Metro FireWest Metro Fire Rescue serves more than 247,000 people in a 110 square-mile area near Denver, Colo. Job openings are rare, as the firefighter application process occurs only once every two years. Thousands of people apply and it's not uncommon for up to 1,000 people wait outside the administrative office to apply. By switching to the CivicPlus Government Content Management System to manage its website, West Metro Fire Rescue streamlined the application process with the Online Job Application tool and implemented a website that is easy to update and use. 



“The functionality CivicPlus built into its system allows me to make updates from my phone or laptop from anywhere and have it go live on our website immediately.”

— Michelle French, Communications and Media Relations Specialist for the West Metro Fire Protection District

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Topics: Website Design

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