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311 and Citizen Request Management

Empowering Your Citizens


Why CP Connect

Today's citizens no longer accept one-way forms of engagement and their busy lifestyles mean barriers to traditional forms of service requests. In order to service today’s citizens local governments must accommodate a multichannel citizen service request strategy that leverages email, social media, phone calls, text messages, and walk-ins, but that strategy must be backed by workflows and processes that make managing and responding to multiple channels streamlined and simplified. 

Where most 311 and Citizen Request Management Solutions only accommodate one form of citizen request submission, CP Connect allows local governments to use a variety of convenient channels to capture and respond to citizen needs. It serves as  a centralized hub to manage and monitor all citizen communications, easily allowing local government leaders to distribute tasks to the appropriate department and facilitate responses to ensure citizens feel their local leaders are accessible and responsive.

Our CP Connect solution has been specifically designed to enable local governments to:

  • Manage all communications from a single inbox
  • Easily convert communications into service requests
  • Manage and monitor macro trends in community issues
  • Document all individual citizen touchpoints from a single interface

CP Connect Overview

Why We Designed Our Software

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Receive. Respond. React. Report

  • Communications
  • Service
  • Community
  • Documented Engagements
    & FOIA Compliant
  • cp-connect-inbox

    Communications Management with a  Single Inbox

    CP Connect has a single administrative inbox with no need to log in to connected third-party applications or accounts. Receive and respond to all messages via the citizen’s original communication channel, such as voice, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, webforms, and walk-ins.

     Learn more about Communications Management

  • cp-connect-service-requests

    Trackable, Transparent Service Requests

    All communications can be converted to service requests if action is required. Manage requests using pre-defined procedures and assign tasks to the appropriate user or team. Integrated mapping technology reveals trends and identifies areas in need of dedicated service.

    Learn more about Service Requests

  • cp-connect-community-issues-1

    Monitor Community Issues and Address Trends

    Associate citizen feedback that doesn’t require immediate action with community issue reports so that citizen insights are never lost. Easily empower local leaders to assess hot button issues across the city.

    Learn more about Community Issues

  • cp-connnect-constituents

    All Touchpoints in One Interface

    Every citizen interaction, regardless of communication channel, is stored and organized in a single interface, giving you visibility into both individual citizen areas of interest as well as macro trends and topics of importance across your entire citizenry.

    CP Connect enables streamlined compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) through its reporting and document management tools that are easy enough for non-technical content managers to utilize.

    Learn more about Documented Engagements

Connect and Engage with Citizens–On Their Terms

In an era where citizens want to reach out and connect any time, from any device, through any communication channel, harness their enthusiasm with CP Connect so you can work better–not harder–while giving citizens the personalized and responsive attention they deserve.

Learn How CP Connect will Save You Time and Help You Engage Better

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