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Employee Onboarding

Customize. Assign. Streamline.

Implement an employee orientation program that creates a great first impression while making your job easier.

Easy to use, web-based onboarding software for HR professionals.


WhY CivicHR Employee onboarding


Improve your teams performance with CivicHR's Employee Onboarding Software.

Shorten the learning curve for new employees.

Increase productivity. 

Facilitate compliance with company policies and procedures. 

Improve job satisfaction and retention. 

Promote communication between managers and staff.

Streamline paperwork and orientations.





Employee Portal
Your company-branded employee portal allows new employees access to forms, videos, health, and dental insurance information – all from one portal. Easy access to policy manuals, facility maps, and organization charts will help acclimate new employees to your culture more quickly.

W-4 and I-9 Automated Forms
Use our online W-4 and I-9 forms to automate data gathering for these critical forms before the employee's first day on the job. You can even use your custom forms for automatic deposit, employee profiles, or emergency contact forms.

Custom Workflow Management
Assign workflow tasks to back office support staff. Send requests such as: setup e-mail and network accounts; order business cards; or acquire office space.

New Hire Onboarding Surveys
Survey your new employees to find out how the first day, first week, or even first month has been going. Stay tuned in to new employees and their needs.

Custom Onboarding Plans
Create custom onboarding plans for both new hires and internally promoted employees.

Job and Workflow Templates
Create custom job and workflow templates to make onboarding new employees a breeze.


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