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Communities in Motion

Frederick, CO





Site Launched


“We have a major freeway that goes through Frederick, so the community is split into two sides. It’s hard for us to get a sense of community, but I do think that our new website and online tools have brought the community together. Our residents are drawn to the site, and it gives them a place where they feel like they’re a part of Frederick. We’ve been struggling for years on how to bring people together, and I think the website allows us to do that.” 

Cindy Kamigaki, IT Manager

Community Profile

Located on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Frederick is a community that just keeps growing. Nearly quadrupling in population in just over a decade, the town has a mixture of legacy residents and new families who enjoy the perks of small-town life while being just a stone’s throw away from major urban areas. 

Visitors and citizens alike revel in Frederick’s abundant public artwork, recreational activities, and friendly atmosphere. And today, the Town of Frederick has a website that reflects the community’s distinct spirit and vision.

Top Engagement Tools Used


Citizen Request Tracker™


Notify Me®


Development Center

Before CivicPlus

Despite having such a lively community, the Town of Frederick’s previous website was flat and lackluster. Using an out-of-the-box software solution created for developers, managing the site was a nightmare for town staff. Simple tasks took hours to complete. The system was complex and hard to navigate. Adding photos or videos bogged down the site. Content was often stale or buried too deep to find. The Town of Frederick felt they were long overdue for a website that would enable them to communicate with citizens and keep their information fresh. All within a unique design that would make their community stand out.

After CivicPlus

The Town of Frederick is no longer intimidated by its website. Residents and visitors feel invited in by the intuitive structure and vibrant design, while staff can easily make changes, add photos, or post updates from anywhere — allowing them to be available 24/7 to their citizens if needed. With a weekly electronic newsletter, the town is able to reach more people and keep them informed with timely stories. Residents are getting involved by reporting issues or concerns through the online tracking system. The website has also become a one-stop shop for developers and builders who use the Development Center — a feature that’s gotten a lot of positive feedback — to find out more about the town’s development process. More tools, more functionality, more engagement...the Town of Frederick can now truly do more with less.