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Communities in Motion

Pueblo, CO






Site Redesigned


“You guys are the best. The best customer service I’ve ever dealt with in any company. When we first started with you, I’d call the help desk and get a live person 99 percent of the time – I couldn’t believe it! It’s great. I can get support in a heartbeat. I can call with any question, large or small, it’s never a problem. You never make me feel stupid. You’re on the ball. You’re very helpful. And when a problem comes up, you’re on it.”

Bobby Cuomo, Media Systems Administrator

Community Profile

Known as "America's Home of Heroes," the City of Pueblo is proud of its people and dynamic history. Evolving from humble beginnings as a small fort in 1842, Pueblo’s ore mines established it as the backbone of Colorado, once making it a contender for state capitol. 

Today, visitors and residents alike find plenty to do and see, from visiting historic sites to enjoying the scenic outdoors and the arts. Pueblo is considered a great place to raise a family or start a business. Livability Magazine lists Pueblo, CO as one of the most livable places in the United States.

Top Engagement Tools Used


Agenda Center

Preparing citizens when disaster strikes.


Document Center

Keep your community informed with email or text notifications.


Archive Center

Ongoing insights and connections to support your efforts today and inspire your plans for tomorrow.

Before CivicPlus

Media Systems Administrator Bobby Cuomo said Pueblo's old website was “terrible.” The company they worked with was skilled in online commerce, but didn’t specialize in government websites. “Our old site was so behind the times and didn’t do what we needed it to do,” Cuomo said. “It was basically a static page – we grew out of that quickly. Coming to CivicPlus was the best thing we could have done.”

After CivicPlus

The new site was just what Pueblo was looking for. “We loved the design.” Cuomo said. “The look was unique, gorgeous. We loved the functionality, the user friendliness.” Cuomo said they’ve received “nothing but good feedback.” Features like online payments and easy access to information – from agendas to documents to archives – have been a “huge resource” for citizens and staff alike. “Being able to put this all on our website is phenomenal,” Cuomo said, “and with the new site, our content providers are able to do what needs to be done, so it doesn’t overload my [IT] staff. They’ve picked it up easily and do a great job – we trust them.”