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Inform Your Citizens

Government Website Solutions

CivicEngage streamlines the process for local governments to easily communicate information to their citizens.  

Enable your team members to create and manage website content independently: 

  • CivicEngage leverages editing tools that will be as familiar as common office productivity software.
  • Control your content by providing permission-based access to relevant areas of your website.

Promote meetings and events to your community:

  • Collaborate across departments to efficiently create and share public meeting agendas.
  • Publish key dates for the community and keep citizens informed with automatic notifications about their preferred meetings and events.

Quickly deliver time-sensitive news:

  • Highlight important news and announcements anywhere on your community’s website with the News Flash feature.
  • Alerts allow you to inform citizens in a timely manner about emergency situations.

Document once, share everywhere:

  • Provide citizens with access to additional information via stored documents that can be downloaded or viewed on the website.
  • Answer commonly asked questions through the website, with links to additional information for easy reference.

Efficiently attract the right people for the job:

  • Provide vendors with online access to RFPs and RFQs, and notify them when opportunities are updated.
  • Invite prospective employees to explore open positions and notify them of new and updated job postings.

Receive valuable information from the leaders in government website design and technology:

Reach your goals with confidence

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